From challengers like you

I have known Bob for many years and have always thought of him highly as a professional. We recently hired Bob to help us work together in a more meaningful way. Bob helped us dig deep, getting to our real core values and purpose. He also facilitated a personality traits exercise that helped us identify our strengths and blind spots. Our entire team feels like Bob is a part of us and a very valuable consultant to 3D Identity. Bob brings many years of real world experience to the table along with a passion for the outdoors. His experience and passion have created a great formula to help businesses improve organizational health and culture. I would strongly recommend Bob and would gladly be a reference for him.
— Mike Doody - President 3D Identity

The process Bob led us through is really amazing! From identifying our personality traits to diving into who we are as a company and what each team member brings to the table. We didn’t just walk away feeling good. We came away with a single clear rallying cry and new tools to achieve it. I feel we now have the clarity and alignment to really continue to build on this process and help us become the best team we can be.
— Dino Dardano - President Hestra USA

Bob skillfully guided our leadership team in a 2-day strategic planning workshop based on Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Advantage. His focus on each of the team members and on the team as a whole, helped us become a stronger team. His guidance through the Six Questions and Four Disciplines of The Advantage gave us a concrete road map for improving our team and company. Bob’s coaching of our team has had a tangible affect on the way we operate and communicate in our company, greatly contributing to our recent success.
— David Hughes - President BCER Engineering

I first met Bob at one is his events years ago when he was a leader in the world of office furniture in Denver. I was always impressed with Bob’s love of life and ability to create harmony between career, family and his passions. I wanted some of that perspective so I sought him out when I learned Bob has transitioned to leadership coaching. Over the past 6 months Bob has helped me establish myself as a leader in business development in the highly competitive world of commercial office leasing. He’s helped me mesh personal, business and my own passions to create more harmony in my life. Bob has helped me increase my confidence overall and that is propelling my career. Perhaps most importantly, he’s helped me take risks and held my feet to the fire. Bob is my personal champion, reminding me of my value to this world and others.
— Mike Deatly, Managing Director, Savills Studley

I owe you a sincere thank you and debt of gratitude, for encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone in many areas of my life and business. Over the past six months you’ve opened my eyes to possibilities for my leadership, my business, and my life, beyond what I had ever considered. You helped me see the invisible forces that have been driving my experience of life that have held me back. More importantly, you encouraged me to take risks that previously, I wouldn’t have considered. Those bets have paid off for my business, relationships and overall fulfillment and joy in life. You’ve helped me to get more comfortable with uncertainty and I feel a huge weight has been lifted because of that. I have never known a more trusted friend, advisor and adventure companion. I would encourage anyone who feels stuck or has some gap in their life, to connect with you because you will help them get moving in the right direction.
— Steve Muller, Founder Commercial Interiors Direct

“It’s difficult to put a label on Bob Neuman. He has a unique presence that puts change in motion for people who seek to grow. We all have barriers to taking our lives to the next level: barriers that are hard to see. Bob has a unique ability to help others recognize those barriers and become more effective in overcoming them. I highly recommend Bob to anyone who wants to take their life to a new level.[…] Open Space is a catalyst for accelerating positive life changes you already have in motion, with like minded people - but in a way that can’t be described in words. It’s for serious minded people who also want to have some serious fun!”
— Stu Perlmeter, Founder First Resource

Bob has an approach and style that is genuine and heartfelt and sincerely cares about each person with whom he interacts. It’s immediately evident that his goal is to support and serve and he does it with a gentle strength and awareness that assured people that he’ll be there, he’ll have their back and their best interests at heart in every interaction. His sincerity provides a sense of trust and honor, and there is no doubt that he will do exactly what he says he will do, even when there is no benefit or gain for himself. Bob is highly motivated to help people reach their goals and be successful. In our situation, working with high level, type-A-personality business executives, who normally wouldn’t take the time or acknowledge the need for personal growth, he creatively led exercises and provided insights, and as the facilitator led the way by example, taking risks and having the self confidence to be open and transparent with the group. It takes great courage to talk about the things that really matter, that are often very scary and personal, about things that even the most successful of business people experience by virtue of being human, but are not often able to share. Bob has a gift in being able to bring everything down to an even playing field and reminding us that regardless of our traditional markers of success, we are people first and have similar shared challenges. His insight is invaluable because he can see and talk about the very things that many of us are afraid to confront. Bob is REAL. There is no facade , no pretense, just amazing strength, insight, compassion and knowledge, which fortunately for his clients, he is willing to share for the benefit of others. It was a sincere pleasure to participate in this peer advisory group that Bob facilitated and he has earned my highest recommendation.
— Dawn Anderson - President - Paleo Meals to Go

Dear Bob,

As I reflect on my memories of our recent whitewater adventure this summer on the fabled Gates of Lodore on the Green River, I am struck by a feeling of tremendous gratitude. Because I’ve known you for over two years now, I trusted you and know that you would watch out for Marc an I both physically and emotionally. I was at a place where I wanted and needed a strategic pause in my life, and was inspired by your passion and excitement when you shared this opportunity with me. It ignited something inside that harkened back to en earlier part of my life. On the trip, you encouraged us to explore our comfort zones in the rafts and duckies amid giant white water first navigated by John Wesley Powell on his legendary expedition in 1869. I was reminded of my deep physical and emotional strength and that has served me mightily over the past several month since the expedition. That trip was rich and rewarding and served to strengthen the bonds between Marc and I. We also made great friends with some unique and wonderful people along the way. Adventure and coaching with you Bob is a great opportunity for anyone who could use a strategic pause and connect to whatever matters most in their life. Thank you!
— Jacquie Fedo, Leadership Coach, Coaching 410

I would highly recommend an Open Space trip with Bob. The structure and ability to disconnect from “work/life” was an amazing experience for me. In my case we did a 5 day white water rafting trip. This was a very therapeutic way for me to reconnect with my soul and to get some time for myself. The river was a metaphor for many life’s experiences both negative and positive and how we are carved by life vs. us carving it ourselves. If you have the opportunity to take some time for yourself and any one of Bob’s trips call to your inner being, I would give yourself this gift.
— Jim A. Gosselin, Managing Partner, AmCheck

I admire Bob for his leadership qualities, his courage, and his devotion to his family. Bob leads by example in an unparalleded enthusiasm for life. Bob packs more activity into a month than most people accomplish in a year. His positive attitude is contagious and he is fun to be around.
— David Kozma, Attorney

Bob has been instrumental in helping me discern and commit to goals I’ve created for myself, but have difficulty mobilizing. In our short time together, I’ve also watched Bob earnestly reinvent himself and help others to do the same, and I’m now inspired to get after my own projects and dreams. Bob’s methods are a unique combination of adventure, performance, and life coaching. He offers lessons that for me connect the dots from rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking and skiing to all aspects of life and business. Bob reminds me “we are how we are – everywhere”.
— Tim Schafer, Founder, Schafer Thomas Maez PC

Bob, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you for what you’ve put together with Open Space. I’ve had numerous coaches and been a part of many groups and organizations over the years that all have similar goals or intentions to assist me in becoming better at what I do and how I do it.

The Open Space group that I am a part of has absolutely “knocked it out of the park” in that regard. Our recent Moab trip, the adventures you lined up for us, and in particular the conversations and discussions you led going into, during and after those adventures has been incredibly impactful to me. The company I am working for and building out is experiencing meteoric growth and I need to stay sharp and focused. I’m finding what you have put together with OS is helping me do so.

Finding connections between pushing the edges a bit on the adventures we had in Moab, and correlating those to my business and even personal world has been quite meaningful. And, it certainly has got me very excited for more of what you have put together and brought into my life with Open Space. Looking forward to more of you insight and adventures Bob. Thank You.
— Kent Montavon, Branch Development Fairway Independent Mortgage Co.


Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited I am to be a member of Open Space. I am grateful to have shared such a rich experience with the other men on our recent Moab trip. Through rock climbing, you helped me create a shift in my thinking about what was possible. The follow up discussion and processing of the events made it even more rewarding and valuable.

Open Space is a refreshing and compelling new take on the peer advisory group for successful business. I’ve been involved in several other peer advisory groups. The role of adventure and living on the edge with Open Space has inspired a new way of approaching my life and life’s challenges. The pace of my life leaves me little time for reflection. The approach you have created with Open Space is helping me to see what was previously unseen in myself. It’s also taken fun adventures that I couldn’t seem to find time for, and locked them into my calendar.
— Bob Forbes, Founder of The Forbes M+A Group


I’m looking forward to our next adventure in August. I appreciate the way you are combining multiple sports such as fly fishing and hiking into these adventures, right in our backyard. Open Space has helped me take my life to a higher level. By creating adventures that pushed me out of my comfort zone, you helped me experience grit that ha snot existed in my life up to now. I felt challenged for sure but also nurtured. I also value the relationships that Open Space is helping to create between the members.

The meetings help us link these experiences to create richer lives. I am excited to see where this can go and how we can use the learning to take our business and personal lives to the limit! This is an adventure into adventure, an adventure into leadership and an adventure into service. I am experiencing how Open Space is connecting the dots between body, mind and soul. Thanks.
— Forrest Smith

The experience was unique! I loved it. Definitely a fitness test. Those turns under the moonlight above the tree line were magical. The fresh snow was definitely a bonus. Great group of men. Thanks again!
— Matt Ward

Everything about the trip was planned and executed perfectly, including the weather! I’ll never forget it. Looking forward to more BizAdventures!
— Doug