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A Hero’s Journey

From misaligned and depressed to aligned and expressed

While I’ve always considered myself a serial adventurer—of life, business, and sport—there was a time when I didn’t fully embrace the challenger life. Like every protagonist in the classic epics we know and love, I experienced a season of uncertainty and disillusionment over what had become my “ordinary world.” I was a successful businessman by society’s standards. But somewhere along the way, I had lost my passion and my “why.” I wasn’t pursuing the things that really mattered to me in life and was instead living the life that I believed others expected of me. I wanted a way to rediscover myself and reprioritize my values. I wanted personal and professional transformation. I wanted a way to help others facing similar struggles and to experience meaningful adventure…

That’s when my idea for OPEN SPACE came into being—a business that would challenge other professionals (and myself for that matter) to lead fuller, more rewarding lives. Now I’ll admit, I didn’t answer the call to adventure right away. But after lingering on the safe ledge for a while, reading book after book about leadership, growth, and purposeful living, I finally realized that no one was going to give me the answer… I couldn’t have both safe and exciting… I couldn’t move forward if I refused to make a choice… And I couldn’t help people from a powerful place unless I first took the journey myself.

So I did. I experienced the transformative power of time, space, and support. I started leading the challenger life. And now I can help you do the same.

The Great Outdoors

In my personal journey, I knew that I had evolved right along with modern society to want everything easy and safe. Though I had always been an avid outdoorsman, I’d forgotten the value of taking risks and overcoming fears in my day-to-day living. During one of the most pivotal outdoor adventures of my life, I rediscovered the importance of tackling challenges, pushing limits, and experiencing real growth. After gazing up the 7,000 feet of vertical rock that spans the Grand Teton, I was overcome by fear and doubt. Yet when I finally made the climb, I was elated. It was like nothing I had ever done before. That’s when I understood the real significance of embarking on adventures in the great outdoors. In a world sedated with comforts, media, and technology, we need ways to experience awe and wonder again—to step a little closer to the edge, both inside and outside. We need extraordinary moments of accomplishment—ones that show us we are capable of so much more than we think. We need time and space to embody a philosophy of:



Perseverance and self-reliance when the going gets tough.



Confronting fears and moving forward anyway—in every area of life.



Reaching a renewed sense of confidence, inspiration, and motivation.

Business Background

Creativity is one of the most critical skills for business leadership and growth today. Yet when we forget the power of play—of dynamic, active experiences that take us outside of monotony and into discovery—we stifle our creativity and put the most important parts of life on the backburner (friends, family, fitness, and fun). I’ve been there. I’ve owned a business, had to hire and fire employees, made strategic decisions, and managed cash flow… And I’ve also experienced the despondency, dissatisfaction, and regret that come from neglecting the well-being of myself and the people around me. Grounded by my practical business background and personal journey, I help professionals take a step back—allowing them to reevaluate their choices, values and goals, and then move forward into intentional, balanced, productive living—both professionally and personally.



Space to stretch.  Explore your “why,” your higher calling. Discover the freedom of showing up as your authentic self.


Space to pause and gain perspective. Take time for honest reflection. Get clarity from outside your normal routine.


Space for adventure. Your life is busy, but is it full? Challenge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Space to connect. Connect with others to unlock leadership.  Connect with yourself in the present moment.


Space to explore. Explore the space of the natural world and your own internal landscape away from everyday distractions.