Choose the challenger life

I believe that no matter who you are, or how successful you’ve become, there is always opportunity for growth…chances to be more, do more, and live more. Yet amidst the fast-paced clamor of everyday life, it’s hard to discover who you really want to be and do the work it takes to actually get there. At OPEN SPACE Leadership Coaching and Adventures, I challenge you to challenge yourself…professionally and personally. I’m passionate about giving busy professionals the time, space, and support they need—away from the pressing demands of work—to find their truth and lead, not an easier life, but a more rewarding life. So through every up, down, and obstacle, you have what it takes to be better, lead better, and live better.




Get outside of what you think to be true and discover what you can know to be true…about your business, your problems, your relationships, and yourself.



Benefit from a renewed sense of
perspective on your specific situation,
and find the surest path to purposeful
leading and living.



Break free from your jam-packed routine with transformative opportunities to test your limits, reflect on your truth, and explore your purpose moving forward.


Overcoming business challenges

Oftentimes, inspiration is found in unexpected places. That’s why OPEN SPACE delivers rare opportunities for meaningful, extraordinary experiences with like-minded business leaders—people who truly understand your challenges and work with you to achieve results. I take you outside of life’s pressing duties and dizzying distractions, providing the space and solace you need to take your professional and personal life to the next level. With focused leadership development and mind-blowing outdoor adventures, I unearth inspiration to help you build a better business—one that values the invaluable journey from risk and commitment to struggle and accomplishment. And through frequent meetings and events, you learn what it means to cultivate camaraderie, embrace authenticity, and realize results on an ongoing basis.


Overcoming life’s challenges

There’s something profound about business leaders getting off the beaten path…going outside the boardroom and beyond the golf course for experiences that push boundaries, boost self-esteem, and affirm what’s most important in life. At OPEN SPACE, I offer one-on-one coaching and team adventures to help busy professionals focus on the things that are often marginalized in our career-centric society: family, friends, fitness, and fun. I give you opportunities to reset your priorities and recharge—allowing you to reflect on your relationships, evaluate your health, and rediscover the power of adventurous play. Whether you’re facing a relational crossroads, feeling stranded in the midst of hardship, or just searching for a new direction, I’ll work with you to beat obstacles and build a legacy that lasts generations.


Overcoming community challenges

Today's business leaders feel inspired to create more meaning and make a positive difference in the lives of their families, friends, community, and world. Many of us realize that we want to serve at some higher level but are unsure of where to begin. And we might wonder how and where we can best serve others in a way that is true to our core. My vision at OPEN SPACE is to mentor under-resourced and at-risk youth through outdoor adventures…guiding and encouraging them on the path toward better choices and futures. You can be a part of teaching young people valuable skills that go from the outdoors into both business and life. I can also help you identify other possibilities for service and global impact that align with your personal and professional calling.


Team Adventures

From river rafting and backcountry skiing to rock climbing and canyoneering, I lead you on peak outdoor experiences that test and unite both body and mind—giving you the freedom to discover your truth, explore its personal and professional implications, and take steps toward the challenger life.


1-on-1 Coaching

Need to talk? If you’re seeking the confidential counsel of someone who can truly relate to your challenges, I provide one-on-one coaching to give you the support, motivation, and accountability you need to pursue personal growth and professional development.


The only company of its kind in the Front Range region of Colorado, OPEN SPACE is the product of personal passion and firsthand experience. As a certified executive coach, I (Bob Neuman) embarked on this business adventure to help other professionals embody a philosophy of grit, growth, and results. I get business leaders outside of their pressing work demands and technology-driven environments and guide them into singular experiences that challenge the mind, body, and spirit. Together, we lay the groundwork for full, intentional, rewarding lives.