Pursue your path
to the challenger life

For many of us, a good portion of our lives is driven by career-centered aspirations and actions. We get swept up by the rapid pace of the modern world and unknowingly begin to put relationships, health, and rest on the back burner. Then one day we realize that our priorities aren’t where they should be. Perhaps our friends and family are paying the price, our vitality and wellness are waning, or our professional creativity is slowly yet surely being stifled. We reach a fork in the road, and we’re not sure which way to turn…

Maybe you’ve arrived at this place in life. You might need motivation and accountability to reach your goals. Maybe you’re seeking deeper meaning, clarity around problem, or confidential counsel. Or perhaps you even need to deal with the cost of your own success. Regardless of your situation, the time to grow is right now. With OPEN SPACE, you can pursue the path that leads to a richer, fuller, more rewarding life. And I’m here to help you find it.


Team Adventures

I’ll get you outside your comfort zone and into the best environment for real change. Join other business professionals on an outdoor adventure of a lifetime—from rock climbing or river rafting to mountain biking or backcountry skiing. By disconnecting from the pressures and demands of work, you get the time and space to truly connect with yourself, helping you discover your truth and experience growth. Team adventures give you unparalleled opportunities to push past your self-imposed limitations, confront your illusory fears, and conquer your insecurities—letting you lead the life you were meant to live, both personally and professionally.

  • Unique, professionally guided outdoor expeditions
  • Candid conversations and intensive growth facilitation
  • Support from a certified executive coach
  • Accommodations and meals
  • All necessary park and service fees
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1-on-1 Coaching

Maybe your life is already one big adventure but you’re having trouble finding your way. Together, we can reflect on and identify the forces that are holding you back from true joy and fulfillment…in your business, relationships, and overall life. I’ll give you the time, space, and support you need to explore the impacts of your choices and circumstances, then show you the tools to break barriers and pursue transformative possibilities in your leadership, business, personal life, and beyond.